Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dr David Kelly's last interview

There is, to me, a very interesting interview here.  This is an interview with Dr Kelly just over a month before he died.  In it you get some sense of what David Kelly's vocation was all about, you can perhaps get to know him a little bit more.  Did he feel his life was increasingly under threat?  Did he want to get on film record the story of some of his most significant achievements outside of Iraq, while the going was good?  I don't know but I do feel that this film relates a very significant if not well known piece of history.  The other thing is that we know that witnesses have said he wasn't wearing his spectacles when his body was found.  Of course media pictures normally shows him wearing spectacles and the question has been raised as to when he might feel it unnecessary to wear them.  For much of this video he is not wearing them. 

Blogging may not happen tomorrow.  I've certainly got plenty to think about regarding this whole Kelly business.

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