Saturday, 26 March 2011

An open letter to David Cameron from "The Doctors"

The doctors who wrote "The Memorial" and sent it to the Attorney General Dominic Grieve last September, and who have subsequently submitted an addendum to the Memorial have just written an open letter to the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron.  The text can be read here:

I have no need to comment on the text because it makes the necessary points perfectly in my opinion.  It should leave Cameron and the government in no doubt at all that they will be seen as complicit in the cover up if Mr Grieve doesn't progress the application for an inquest.  

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  1. In my view the delay by the Attorney General to make a decision has told us all we need to no about the sincerity of this government.

    But Mr Grieve has run out of time, the hang out has expired. We had DC Coe giving an interview to the Daily Mail as did Dr Hunt; we even had Mr Clark publishing the post mortem report on the internet (why?). This is the best they've got, as modified limited hangouts go this was pretty p**s poor.

    This government is as bad as the last, the only differnce being is Mr Brown hated people thinking he was a liar, Mr Cameron doesn't care.