Monday, 25 April 2011

Will this be the moment Dominic Grieve makes his announcement?

We know that the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, will have to make an announcement in the not too distant future about whether he will go to the High Court to seek a judicial review into a possible inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Parliament resumes business tomorrow (Tuesday) after the Easter recess.  It may well be that Mr Grieve will wish to make his statement with as little fanfare as possible.  This Friday of course will see the Royal Wedding taking place and if anyone wanted to release a statement to draw the absolute minimum of media interest the next few days could provide a tempting time.

This is not to say that Mr Grieve will use the cover provided by the "William and Kate" business to get his decision out.  One thing is for sure: I and others will be watching parliamentary events with as much interest as ever while the wedding is taking up the bulk of the media's attention. 


  1. In order to buy more time the Attorney General needs to return a "no" decision, this will lead to months or years of legal wrangling challenging his decision.

    But what it would do is put Mr Grieve at the heart of the cover up and that would deal him some very unpleasant prospects. Will Cameron's government stand shoulder to shoulder with the last bunch of murderous thugs?

    Or will he take the first step in purging politics and the justice system of corruption?

  2. LL, a very big decision for the Attorney General. I think he realises that it will be anything but a quiet life for him if he says "no". If it is "no" then I think that it might make Norman Baker's continuing position in the government untenable.

  3. Brian,

    I hardly think the Attorney General will have a quiet life if he says "Yes". :)

    Rock and a hard place in terms of a "quiet life".

    Clear way forward if he makes his decision on the basis of justice.

  4. It would be easiest for the AG to say yes. As you say, 'no' would place him in the vortex of a cover-up and the sham of the 'multi-party, democratic' UK govt system would also be further exposed....i.e. "who ever you vote for is not going to deal honestly with the death of Dr David Kelly...."
    There is now such a volume of compelling evidence for the re-opening of the inquest...the lack of finger prints on Dr Kelly's personal effects at the site of his death will be hard to explain away...this will resonate v strongly with the public. The only real argument the AG has against this is that it "would not be in the public interest" to re-open the inquest as it was so long ago etc but there have been consistent arguments against Hutton's verdict from the outset so this doesn't hold up either. The deliberate delay is quite obvious by now.
    Failure to deal with this issue will indicate the UK government's unwillingness to respect human rights and adhere to the law and due process and that is a very serious matter indeed.

  5. Anonymous, I very much agree with the points you have made.

    I do wonder whether the "elaboration" of their Hutton evidence last August by DC Coe and Dr Hunt was at the behest of the new UK government - the timing some seven years after the event is very interesting!

  6. The coverup - denial of a genuine, under-oath inquest - is itself illegal, and AG Grieve would put himself in a professionally self-destructive position, if he refuses the inquest.

    I think Cameron is being blackmailed into doing nothing, but the murder is so apparent his own position will become untenible if his government becomes complicit in the coverup. They can only stall so long.

    My two Kelly threads on Guardian Unlimited Talk - each with over 2,000 postings and the first from soon after his death - were erased when GUT was, a couple months ago.

    Lou Coatney

  7. @Lou remarkable...but dont you think the Guardian is a bit of a 'wolf in (a liberal) sheep's clothing' ? I have had my suspicions for a long time. These people pay full time disinformation strategists I believe they have infinite time to surf the net....why would those postings disappear now when the AG's decision is imminenent? The memorial was submitted some time ago...its potentially the case MUST be suppressed at all costs... Similarly, the petition to government for the re-opening of the inquest was apprehended by a website refurb....

  8. Thinking more carefully about this...the US and UK governments are in a "legitimation crisis" at present... quite bizarre behaviours reflected in the media etc.. issuing strange stories about Osama B L...there is a window of opportunity for the truth to out... they are afraid...keep telling the truth...I certainly will. Truth is so much stronger than fiction. The UK disinformation system is possibly being coordinated by the Ditchley Foundation of which Cameron, Miliband and others are governors...they are all linked as governors here (with lucrative rewards no doubt)... this Foundation is linked to the American Ditchley Foundation and from thence the CFR....whilst the Kelly case is essentially about justice and is connected with wider military atrocity and power networks. A fair bit of string pulling is going on I suspect. But there are many who oppose this...most people are decent.

  9. Shortly before he became PM Cameron had his biography updated to include a reference to a trip to South Africa in 1989 when he was working for Mrs Thatcher

    There has been internet chatter alleging all kind of skulduggery, it has also been suggested that Cameron and David Kelly travelled to South Africa together.

    What does appear to be true is David Kelly had developed a professional relationship with Wouter Basson the leader of Project Coast and was visiting the country around that time.

    Maybe the lack of investigation into Dr Kelly's death suits Mr Cameron just as much as it did Blair.

  10. @ Lancashire lad....amazing do tell more...what was Cameron doing visiting S Africa for Thatcher? I would be most interested in the narrative.

  11. The ”Independent” link above tells one story and Peter Eyre of the Palestine Telegraph tells another.

    I fear though that Dr Kelly had been involved with research along the lines of Project Coast whilst he worked at Porton Down when Mrs Thatcher was PM.

    If true it would mean that Britain was potentially engaged in research of genetically modified biological weapons that could target a specific race( nicknamed BoB - Black only Bomb). Wouter Bassons work also attracted the interest of countries that were experiencing serious over population; he worked on airborne agents that would target females making them infertile.

    If Cameron was involved in any of this he would want a lid kept on it.

  12. Link here about the South African connection.

  13. Also this from the Guardian adds some background on the SA Israel cooperation

  14. Brian,

    Like you, I don't think that the appearance of Nicholas Hunt and DC Coe in the media in summer 2010 was an accident.

    Remember, too, the somewhat bizarre cameo from Michael Gaunt mentioned here: Dr David Kelly death not Cluedo game, pathologist warns.

    All of these media appearances within 3 weeks or so in Agusut 2010.

    I doubt very much if that is chance.

    But, I suggest, you needn't postulate "the Government" being behind it.

    Other possible choreographhers exist.

  15. Brian,

    And another one from June 2010:

    "In June, Richard Spertzel, the former head of the UN Biological Section, who worked with Dr Kelly in Iraq in the 1990s, wrote to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, claiming that Dr Kelly had been told he was on a "hitlist" in the final years of his life."

    Source: Was Dr David Kelly murdered?.

    I hadn't previously been aware that Richard Spertzel had written to the Attorney General.