Friday, 1 July 2011

Is this the communications mast?

We know from a Freedom of Information Request made, I think, by Norman Baker that a 110 ft high communication mast was erected at the Kelly home.  The picture in this link might just be showing it:  The photograph was I suppose taken in July 2003 as one can see a police presence even though the related story is from the following December.


  1. Almost certainly. It looks like it has gone in through the garden gate. Looks very tall!
    Probably from the same helcopter photo shoot showing the aerial view of Harrowdown Hill.

  2. If you read what Mrs Kelly says, a vehicle mounted mast was erected first in the road - probably the 110 ft high one- and a subsequent mast, 45 ft high, in the garden - this one in the photo, probably. It is inconceivable that all this activity was not noticed by other residents of the village.

  3. Felix, yes quite definitely locals would have been aware of the mast(s) and also of the general police activity around the area of the Kelly home.

  4. Brian

    And the 1am helicopter above the home? Surely a local person could substantiate that claim or confirm the police timing of 3.20am

  5. LL, yes I think that 8 years ago they definitely could have but in 2011 is there (a) anyone whose memory of July 2003 is clear enough now, or (b) anyone from the locality wanting to discuss such matters after the lapse in time.

    I don't know.