Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sergeant Alan Dadd

This will be a short post because the person concerned, Sergeant Alan Dadd hardly got a mention at the time in relation to the death of Dr David Kelly.

So far as I can see he is mentioned just once in the Hutton Inquiry and that's in this bit of testimony by PC Sawyer.  Mr Knox has got to the point where the ambulance crew have arrived at the parking area at the bottom of the track:

Q. Those two paramedics had obviously arrived separately from you?
A. They had arrived more or less at the same time we did. So the five of us went up because we were with Sergeant Alan Dadd as well.

In the Mail on Sunday of 12 September 2010 Matt Sandy wrote an article from the perspective of the ambulance crew and says:

They were met at the scene by Sergeant Alan Dadd and several other officers.  He led them up a bridle path towards the woods ...

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm not aware of his name elsewhere in connection with Dr Kelly's death.  As I recall things PC Franklin takes over the scene at the body from DC Coe only to leave the site to go back down the track with PC Sawyer to bring up the police landrover!  Surely as the more senior officer Sergeant Dadd should have taken charge - at least until DI Ashley Smith or some other higher ranking officer came.

But this is Thames Valley Police where nothing is normal ..... 


  1. You are dead right. Dadd is never mentioned again, and we haven't the least idea what he did, if anything.

  2. Dadd was a member of TVP protection group as were Franklin & Sawyer

    All fire arms trained and super fit

    But most importantly they are chosen because they can be relied on to keep their mouths shut.

  3. Apparently another Sergeant of the Close Protection Group and Tactical Firearms Group of Thames Valley Police at the time, Superintendent Tony Ismay is now head of Tactical Support for TVP.

  4. Time for police to arrive at Kelly home after DK is reported missing; under 15 mins

    Time for Ambulance crew to arrive at scene (car park?) after being called; 15mins

    Time for police to arrive at the scene after the body had been discovered at 9.15 (number of phone calls, one timed at 9.20); 40 minutes

    Ambulance being co-ordinated from the Ambulance Incident Officer based at the Silver Command Centre in Abingdon police station.

    Coe saw body at 9.40

    Chapman bumps into Coe 2 or 3 mins after making phone call (between 9.15 and 9.20)

    Coe is accompanied by 2 men in plain clothes but when Franklin & Sawyer arrive the two men with Coe (close to the wood and not at the bottom of the hill are in uniform)

    So what does this all mean? I think Young had cocked up Royally with operation mason and the body should have been laid flat on the ground because that is the position Dr Kelly died in and livor mortis marking may have proved this, vomit streaks from mouth to ear reinforce this conclusion.

    Coe is ordered to the scene with 2 other plain clothed men to rectify the mistake (too late!). But the body had to be moved anyway’ Coe with his 2 friends meet Chapman at c9.25 and is shown the body at c9.30.

    The body was repositioned by Coe and Co, Coe then left his 2 colleagues and went to guard the path whilst they repositioned all the props. At this stage there was no blood pool near the injured wrist.

    At c9.30 Franklin et al arrive leaving 1 cordons near the carpark; Franklin, Sawyer, Dadd plus two cordons go up the path and meet Coe.

    9.40 Coe is alerted to the fact that the ambulance crew are now on their way, Coe informs F, S & D and they go down the path to meet the ambulance crew at the car park.
    Ambulance crew arrive and are taken to Coe and the 2 cordons; Shields and Harry have finished their work (or the best they could achieve in the time and the resources they had) and gone out of view.

    The body is inspected and the ambulance crew depart. Now the fun begins. Franklin and Sawyer go for their vehicle but are accompanied by another police car when they drive up to the field by the wood.

    Gold command is not happy with the repositioning caper and wants to see photographs of the body, a helicopter is despatched to the scene to collect Sawyers camera, it is flown to Kidlington HQ. The bosses are not happy with what they see. Not enough blood and body too far from tree, if the search team saw the body sat against the tree then the “significant” gap is going to prove a problem (which happily it has turned out to be).

    Orders are given to reposition the body back towards the tree ( and create some blood pools in the new area where the injured wrist now is (bring on the blue tent). Arterial rain supplied and even the wrist injury is interfered with in an attempt to squeeze more blood out. (When the ambulance crew were there the injured wrist was facing up and covered with dried blood, later the wrist was facing down and showed signs that the scabs had been repeatedly picked)

    By midday it was safe to let the police officer in charge of the scene into the scene and invite the pathologist to view the mornings work

  5. LL, many thanks for your last comment in particular. We are now perhaps getting closer to what really happened at Harrowdown Hill on the morning of 18th July ...

  6. Does anyone share my surprise that Norman Baker has kept such a low profile after Grieve's startement in June? Four months ago, and Baker hhasnt uyttered a word. What's keepoing him?

  7. Brian whats happened to you. Have you closed down?

  8. Anonymous, I'm still around!! For the moment I'm mainly interacting with a Facebook group: