Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Helpful sources in looking at Dr Kelly's death

Fortunately there is a lot of information and opinions in the public domain appertaining to Dr Kelly's death and in this entry I want to acknowledge the ones that have been particularly useful to me.

First up is the book "The Strange Death of David Kelly" written by the LibDem MP for Lewes: Norman Baker. First published in 2007 it is a 'must read' for those trying to get to the bottom of the Kelly mystery. To research and write this book Mr Baker waited until he could leave the front bench position he occupied for his party and used the time this then made available to investigate Dr Kelly's death. In other words he did the honourable thing by ensuring that the time he would normally spend dealing with constituency matters wasn't impinged on. Whether one agrees with every conclusion he reaches or not he has at least looked at things with a forensic eye. 978-1-84275-217-3 is the ISBN number.

Then there is this blog here written by Rowena Thursby. Sadly Ms Thursby suffers from a chronic neuro-immune condition but that hasn't prevented her from forming the 'Kelly Investigation Group' as a result of her real concerns about the official explanation of David Kelly's death and the various anomalies and inconsistencies associated with it. At the time of writing there are 72 entries on it, an indication of just how seriously Rowena has been looking at the Kelly death. I'm really grateful for the hard work that both she and Norman Baker have already done.

There are a number of other blogs and forums covering the subject and periodically the press have the odd article, particularly 'The Mail' and 'The Mail on Sunday'. I'm aware that journalists in newspapers are apt to add a little extra colour, perhaps a bit of exaggeration to their reports so one has to be careful in reading the 'facts' they state but nevertheless it is very helpful in this instance that the papers mentioned have had a crusade regarding questions about Dr Kelly's death.

Following my commenting on various newspaper reports that have been on line I have been contacted by someone else who also has worries about the official explanations of Kelly's demise. He has flagged up various items on the internet of which I had no knowledge and this is adding useful background.

I must also mention that of course 'The Hutton Report' is on line - a much more reader friendly version of the same can be found here This latter is an unofficial site but far easier to use than the official one I reckon.

Finally, of course, any opinions expressed in this blog will be all my own work!

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