Monday, 27 September 2010

A new blog about the death of Dr David Kelly

UK scientist Dr David Kelly died seven years ago and since that time countless numbers of articles and at least one well researched book have been written about his death, and whether he took his own life or was assassinated. So why after all this time am I writing a new blog on the subject? For a start there are so many peculiarities and events relating to the death, these constantly swirling around my mind, that I feel impelled to write down my observations and a blog is an excellent way to do this. I can look at one particular aspect of the evidence and write about it and then leave the blog for a day or three and interleave it with the rest of my life.

It isn't just that however: I passionately believe that a proper inquest must be convened to look into Dr Kelly's death. After seven years and thousands and thousands of words having been written it is understandable if what I might describe as "Dr Kelly fatigue" has set in. It would be easy to believe that the very slow and laboured way the present government are considering the possibility of a new inquest could be partly down to the hope that interest in the Scientist's death might evaporate and hence pressure removed from them making the decision that I and other concerned individuals feel should be made. I'm not saying this is the case but this sort of trickery does get used in politics. And of course with people in government getting shuffled in and out of jobs on occasion there is always the chance that, if you keep the brakes on, someone else might have to make that final decision!

I'm very happy for people to comment on this blog providing the language is reasonable and not blasphemous. However inane remarks such as "It was Blair wot did it" or "Conspiracy theorists are mentally retarded" will get deleted.

In my next post I shall say a little bit about myself that is relevant to this blog.


  1. Hi Brian. Great to see your new blog. I was toying with the idea of starting my own in relation to the Kelly mystery but I am a bit of a coward!

    I am particularly interested in this case as my poor Dad, at the age of 91 and missing my dead mother terribly, attempted to cut his wrists to no avail and then managed to cut his own throat and bled to death. The cuts to his wrists were minimal, and, as the experts have already said, it is almost impossible to take one's life in this way.

    I am also interested in the outcome for another personal reason in that I met David Kelly on a couple of social occasions. Also, I am in contact with Graham Coe occasionally and believe that there is certainly more to this than meets the eye.

  2. Hi Daphne. Thanks very much indeed for commenting! My sympathy goes out to you in respect of what happened with your Dad - it must have been really traumatic. It was brave of you to mention it.

    It's fascinating to know that you had met David Kelly. I really get this impression that he was a decent and honourable human being. Also that he was very close to his daughters and I'm sure was very much looking forward to the wedding of Rachel, another reason in my opinion that makes suicide unlikely.