Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mr Grieve is asked to withdraw his dishonest decision

On Thursday 9th June the Attorney General lied to Parliament regarding the matter of the death of Dr David Kelly.  On the same day he wrote what I consider to be a dishonest statement on the same subject.  The verbal statement with questions and answers from MPs is on hansard here  To access Mr Grieve's written statement go here

Dr Andrew Watt has today written formally to Dominic Grieve asking him whether or not he will withdraw the decision he made on 9th June.  If Mr Grieve were to do so it would obviously save the time that would be spent by the High Court considering a Judicial Review.  Mr Grieve should also realise that the longer he persists with the ridiculous position he adopted on 9th June then the more that the status of his own position and, in the long term, the office of Attorney General is undermined.

Andrew's letter to Mr Grieve can be read on his blog

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