Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Working link to Hutton Inquiry website

I'm aware that there has been considerable concern (shared by me) about the non availability of the Hutton website when trying to access it in the normal way.  This has been a problem it would seem from very early last Thursday 25 August right up until the time of writing this post.

Fortunately I now know that there is an archived version at  I hope this helps anyone looking for the site. 


  1. Yes thanks Brian, I wonder how long this archived version lasts.

    They are definitely rattled at the moment and with more bad publicity on the way they are going to get even more rattled.

    But Cameron chose to run his government like a Mafia boss runs his rackets (with Parliament's approval) so he should not be too surprised when public confidence in him, his government and Parliament finaly dries up.