Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Anonymous comments permitted

I don't think I have ever added comments to someones blog or to a forum anonymously and my natural thought in setting up this particular blog was to adhere to a policy of no anonymous comments to my posts.  While that might be appropriate in some places I've now decided that's not the case here.

Let me elaborate: so far I've had two readers, Andrew and Felix, commenting on a regular basis (thanks again chaps, your input is enormously helpful) but I'm aware that there might be other people with particular professional knowledge say who would be willing to add their thoughts providing their anonymity was preserved.  As an example - a reader might be a just retired (or even a still serving) police officer but would not wish to reveal any clues that would identify them.  If such a person wanted to comment I would be happy for them to do so under the cloak of anonymity providing they indicate simply that they are a retired police officer, or whatever.

I hope that this short post clears up any doubts on the subject! 

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