Saturday, 16 October 2010

Short rest from blogging

I have tried to keep up a good pace on this blog but you may not get another post for a day or two, I like to think that I have a life outside this blog and writing it is quite a laborious and intense although rewarding process.

The comments from Felix and Andrew are enormously helpful but to other readers if you want to add your own thoughts please feel free (even if you disagree with me!).

There is a lot more to come so please stick around!

1 comment:

  1. Have the weekend off by all means!! I've got to say that you're doing well here already. There hasn't really been a blog like this one before, I cut my teeth on t'net on the old Channel 4 news forum back from about 2003 when I first came online. This subject was a popular topic back then and attracted a lot of comment over quite a few threads, but since then has largely slipped in the public consciousness. There are still two long-running threads in the Guardian Politics Talk 'Inside Britain' section, although debate has become very polarised there (dare I say it, fractious) between just a few individuals. Other CT sites tend to just display what has come up elsewhere, usually from the media, and discussion is quite often limited.

    So yes, keep up the good work. None of us want to be here full-time, but no matter what, it's all worth the effort!