Friday, 22 October 2010

++ Dr Kelly's Post-Mortem details to be released ++

The second item on the Radio 4 news this morning concerned the decision by the UK's government to release details of Dr Kelly's post-mortem.  Just what this will mean in practice I don't know but it is obviously an interesting development.  The content of the p-m will self evidently mean a lot to the medical expert but to the ordinary layman such as myself I imagine that it will not be shining much light on Dr Kelly's death.  I am totally unclear at this stage in fact whether the details will be available to all and sundry or whether it will be limited to a selection of doctors only.  To be honest I would be concerned if the government were to publish details on the internet of a dead man's post-mortem, this just wouldn't seem right to me when you think of the relatives of the deceased.

Anyway, there's not too much point in speculating until more details of the government's decision are released.

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