Saturday, 5 February 2011

The age of Brock

This is something of an unintended post and is the result of a bit of what I now perceive to be bogus information.  On New Years Eve 2010 I wrote a post entitled 'Louise Holmes and Brock'  In it are links to a couple of YouTube videos and I have just been replaying the first of these.  It should be accurate as to detail one would think as it is evidently an Official Crufts video.  Just a few seconds in and Brock is described as five years old.  Let us suppose in fact he was 5 years 364 days old at that moment, technically still a five year old dog.  That would mean he would have been a puppy just a few months old when Dr Kelly's body was discovered on 18th July 2003.  Something is very wrong here I thought, surely the man from Crufts couldn't be wrong in his commentary?

Panic over (I think).  I've now found another video from 2009 in which Louise herself describes Brock as being seven years old.  This still makes him a young dog it seems to me when he made his most newsworthy find.  Louise Holmes has had him since he was eight weeks old and his training I suppose started when he was quite young.

This little investigation proves just how careful one needs to be in establishing facts. 

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