Saturday, 19 February 2011

A timeline for events relating to Harrowdown Hill

TIMELINE for events on Friday 18.7.03 (Harrowdown Hill related)

Hutton Inquiry evidence is in RED       FOI evidence is in BLUE

05.07 Sunrise for Oxford on 18/7/03
05.00 (soon after) Paul Chapman gets initial page
Unspecified time Paul Chapman says: 'Further text message to say we had a call out'
05.15 ACC Page starts his meeting about Dr Kelly's disappearance & the search
06.00 DC Coe called out
06.00 (about) PC Sawyer called out
06.15 PC Franklin called out
07.15 to 07.30 Louise Holmes arrives Abingdon Police Station
08.00 (about) Paul Chapman, Louise Holmes and Brock start search
08.00 (about) PC Franklin, PC Sawyer and others briefed by Sgt Woods
08.45 (about, estimated) Brock finds boat people
09.20 Paul Chapman makes 999 call
09.28 Outer cordon established
09.30 Closing time “Operation Mason”
09.40 Ambulance gets call out
09.55 Ambulance arrives at Harrowdown Hill (Dave Bartlett evidence)
10.07 Ambulance crew declare life extinct (PC Franklin & DC Coe evidence)
10.26 Ambulance crew logged out of outer cordon
* "At 11 a.m., police hunting for Kelly say the body of an unidentified man has been found at   Harrowdown Hill, five miles from Dr Kelly's home."
12.00 Dr Hunt logged into outer cordon (From his published report)
12.04 Dr Hunt logged into inner cordon (From his published report)
12.06 DCI Young logged into outer cordon
12.35 Death confirmed by Dr Hunt
12.50 PC Franklin gets request from DCI Young to do fingertip search
* "Just before 2 p.m., police say they believe the body is that of Kelly."
14.10 Dr Hunt (with Mr Green) logged into inner cordon (from his published report)
16.45 First fingertip search completed
17.30 Dr Hunt's tapings and swabs completed (from his published report)
19.00 Mr Green finishes at HH and notes the hearse approaching
19.15 Dr Hunt takes DK's rectal temperature (from his report)
19.19 Dr Hunt logged out of inner cordon (from his report)
19.35 Dr Hunt logged out of outer cordon (from his report)
19.24 Second fingertip search started (in area of removed body)
19.45 Second fingertip search completed

I hope that the above timeline is helpful

UPDATE: *The two timings starred have been added from a timeline here,-Miller,-Kelly,-WMD-Timeline

(Many thanks to Felix who pointed out this link to me in a comment on a later post) 


  1. The time line is useful in highlighting discrepancies that arose at the Hutton inquiry but going back even earlier reveals further quandary.

    The time for instance when Operation Mason began (at the time Dr Kelly said he was going for a walk, not when he actually went. And the police response time to a missing person report. The speed at which helicopter and radio masts went up. And when was the Chief Constable informed?

    You’re right Brian the time line of this event elucidates the facts and demolishes the fiction. So much performed by so many to achieve so little whilst convincing so few.

  2. Brian,

    Have you ever considered creating a timeline for events at Southmoor, starting on 17th July 2003?

    Perhaps even integrating it with this one.

    Even with estimated time(s) for the radio masts, it might highlight the bizarreness of a 110 feet high radio mast being used in the first hours of a missing person inquiry.