Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The death of Dr Kelly - taking stock

This post isn't going to be about any single facet connected with the death of Dr David Kelly, rather it's a case of after nearly five months of blogging and 76 posts reviewing how far forward I've been able to go and just what I can now say with confidence about the dramatic events that occurred in 2003, events and their consequences that seem to have taken over much my life of late.  Reading that sentence again I have fallen into the trap of just mentioning 2003 whereas I should at least be bracketing that year with 2002, the year of the September dossier.  It might be that we should not get totally blinkered by linking Dr Kelly's death to the infamous dossier .....

There is a theory that the body discovered at Harrowdown Hill on the morning of the 18th July wasn't that of Dr Kelly, that another body had been substituted for his and that he is alive and well at some unknown location.  Even though fact has a habit of being stranger than fiction I can't buy into such a scenario at the moment.  Ignoring that possibility we have the "fact" of Dr Kelly's dead body being discovered at Harrowdown Hill.  The options to look at I suggest are:
  • He committed suicide where his body was found
  • He committed suicide elsewhere but he was then brought to Harrowdown Hill  to give the appearance of suicide having occurred there.
  • He was murdered at Harrowdown Hill and the murder was dressed up as suicide.
  • He was murdered elsewhere and brought to HH and the murder dressed up as suicide.
For a whole variety of reasons I don't believe that the first option is tenable.  The second option is one that has been put forward by the website "" - the justification they appear to use in their final release is the perceived ongoing and increased distress experienced by Dr Kelly in the days leading up to his death.  They say 'There is no evidence of murder' but fail to demonstrate any evidence of suicide.  It could be that they are right and I am keeping an open mind on the subject.  So my verdict on the "southend leaks" explanation is 'is it possible - yes' but 'is it compelling - no'.

That leaves the two murder alternatives.  If we assume, as surely we have to, that the apparent appearance of suicide was carried out by professionals (and this applies to the "southend leaks" explanation as well) why was it botched to the extent that so many questions have been asked of it.  It looks as if the body was having to be moved almost up to the time that the ambulance crew arrived to confirm that Dr Kelly was dead.  Although delayed it was inevitable that  paramedics would be called to Harrowdown Hill and that they would have to give evidence at the Hutton Inquiry.  No doubt the hope was that after giving their testimonies at the Inquiry Vanessa Hunt and Dave Bartlett would just go away and forget about it.  Fortunately for us they didn't.  They could see with certainty that the official suicide explanation wasn't plausible and unluckily for those engaged in the cover up they went public, both on television and in the press.  Luckily for us we can see and read what they said on the internet.

At this juncture I want to comment that I don't totally condemn all those involved in telling lies in regards of the cover up.  I'm particularly thinking of the minor players, people such as DC Coe, PC Franklin and PC Sawyer all of whom I consider lied at the Inquiry to some extent.  They are not necessarily bad men, they could have been persuaded that it really was all for the best; without actually being in their shoes at the time I can't honestly say what I might or might not have done.

Apart from DC Coe lying (admitted) I am now sure that PC Franklin and PC Sawyer had moments in which they weren't telling the truth.  I am quite sure that the civilian searchers were sent to Harrowdown Hill in the certain knowledge that they would find the body of Dr Kelly there and that no harm would befall them.

There are still plenty of unknowns relating to Dr Kelly's death some of which I have previously touched on.   In this regard I would remind readers of another blog in which many of the anomalies have been flagged up and discussed: it's Dr Andrew Watt's blog  I want to thank those people who are interacting with me in the comments - although it is nice to know who is commenting at any particular time I appreciate that there are some who would prefer to retain there anonymity.  This is fine so don't feel inhibited in adding something to the mix.  The number of readers in other countries is heartening as well - my audience has extended to every continent!  So thanks everyone!


  1. There is another scenario that may fit the facts and it may be one that the Attorney General may want to consider in order to get him off the hook.

    Dr Kelly was booked on a aeroplane to Iraq the Friday following his death. Dr Kelly had immense secret knowledge in his head. Dr Kelly had demonstrated a propensity to blab about things he shouldn't to journalists, family, friends, colleagues and a book publisher.

    Dr Kelly had undergone Conduct after Capture (CaC) training and had been schooled in anti-interrogation (AI) techniques; as part of this training sometimes the recipient is subjected to a mock kidnapping and hostage situation, sometimes harrowingly realistic.

    Depending on your level of security clearance (how big the stuff you know) will dictate the level of anti-interrogation techniques that you are equipped with. Anti-interrogation techniques are highly classified and once held their own DA Notice category (No6). {Which means this post might not stay too long so please copy and paste if it is of interest}

    One technique is to produce a false memory that you make real, this has been adopted by politicians, and indeed Mr Blair based his career on it.

    Anyway, I digress. What could have happened on the afternoon of 17 July 2003 is that Dr Kelly was lifted off a quiet country lane in Longworth in an exercise that was intended to reinforce Dr Kelly’s training but also test his ability to stay schtum. Things went badly wrong and Dr Kelly died.

    The HSE couldn’t be trusted with this one and CaC / AI training was strictly off the media agenda.

    It’s just a thought and if Dominic Grieve is interested in my story I will be happy to discuss royalties for it’s distribution.

  2. ps Conduct After Capture, also known as Resistance to Interrogation trainig ref
    TVP 7/0407 and MOD 15/0001-0004
    Also a Guardian piece explaining what it can entail

  3. For those that are unsure if Special Forces kidnap civil servants to prepare them for actual capture; see Liam Thomas' account in the Independent 16th Jan 2011 (Covert police officer: 'After 12 years undercover, I was a broken biscuit)

    "I was part of a small group of Level 1 undercover officers who the Met deployed across county and national borders in long-term infiltrations. I think I was the last UC trainee to be 'kidnapped' by Special Forces; put in a metal box and then taken out for interrogation. The Met stopped the practice for fear of causing psychological damage before recruits were ever sent into a criminal gang."

  4. LL

    Those are important Hutton Inquiry references which were not referred to at any time. Natural death disguised as suicide is a fascinating but entirely plausible scenario if the natural death is not likely to be credible, owing to inconvenient time or place with possible legal consequences. MOD/15/1-4 doesn't prove that Dr Kelly was at Honington and I am not sure where it all fits in with the ludicrous "cut and run" story.(That phrase is imputed by Olivia Bosch whose evidence is shaky to say the least)