Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The 11.18 emails on the 17th July

On the Hutton website there are copies of the emails sent from Dr Kelly's computer at 11.18 on the morning of 17 July 2003 in response to the enquiries of concerned friends.  Whether or not all of them have been captured and put in the public domain I don't know, I don't have any particular reason to think any have been withheld but in the Hutton process anything is possible.

By going to the daily evidence link for the morning of 3rd September we can see who the intended recipients of the emails are although there are still redactions of course.  Not all these names are familiar to me but I have every confidence that a commenter will be able to fill in the gaps as to these names!

Normal cutting and pasting doesn't work with these faxed emails so I'll provide links instead.

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This is to "Ron Manley", whoever he is he seems to have had some dealings with the media in the past!  Ron's email was sent in the early evening of Sunday 13 July when, according to the public narrative Dr Kelly had gone to stay with his daughter Rachel.

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Geeta and Roger Kingdon are local Baha'i contacts.  A couple of points here to note: Dr Kelly is specific in the email as to the day he is going to Baghdad and also he mentions having had to leave home for a week in order to keep a low profile.  Although admitting to having had a tough time these words are certainly not those of a man in despair in my opinion.

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Debra Krikorian is a name unfamiliar to me.  The chatty nature of her email and his calling her Deb indicates to me two people knowing each other reasonably well.  On the first line of Dr Kelly's reply he refers to GKW who I think we can reasonably confidently deduce as being Gabriele Kraatz-Wadsack.

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To Alastair Hay.  Andrew Watt wrote an interesting post on his "Chilcot's Cheating Us" blog about the suicide of Professor Hay's wife Wendy:

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Who is Philippe Michel?  Evidently Philippe watched Dr Kelly on TV at the FAC meeting and then wrote the email.

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This is the most quoted of the emails ("many dark actors playing games")  Judith Miller is, or certainly was, an American journalist on the New York Times.  Appear to be long standing friends.  Note phrase 'I appreciate your friendship at this time'.

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Here is another name I don't recognise!  Sent from Cairo.

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Frustrating there is no name of the other party on this email.

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  1. Brian,

    I had wondered if the final email in your list might be to Richard Spertzel.

    But, according to Lord Hutton in pargraph 123 in Chapter 4 of the Report, it is to Dick Foster.

  2. Ron Manley seems to have been an UNSCOM chemical weapons inspector in the 1990s:
    What did Kay’s report on Iraqi WMDs really say?.

    That (very pro-war?) article is by Julie Flint. The same Julie Flint, I suspect, who made an unpublished submission to the Hutton Inquiry. See the Evidence page on the Hutton Inquiry web site.

    And who wrote this article in August 2003: What Kelly really thought about the war in Iraq

  3. Malfrid Braut (0016) has some very chatty exchanges with Dr Kelly elsewhere on the Hutton website,tapping him up for contacts for her research. She is now known as Braut-Heghammer. Active in nuclear fields.

    It seems reasonable to assume that emails continued to come into this one of Dr Kelly's email addresses- one imagines he had quite a few - after 11.18 on 17th July which obviously were not answered. Where are they? **

    When were the emails sent by Dr Kelly written? And where?

    In fact Malfrid Braut's email is, I think, the last one received, timed 09.08 on 16th July.
    COM/4/21-31 show eleven emails received , but only 8 answered COM/4/71-78 during the period 10-16 July (excluding the PQ emails).

    ** it seems improbable that other emails did not arrive during the 16th and 17th. Why weren't these answered or admitted to the evidence?
    Did Dr Kelly really have access to his computer on the morning of the 17th? If the emails were all sent, rather unusually in a saved burst, when were they written?

  4. Felix

    Great research and information on Malfrid Braut! Your link "nuclear fields" yielded a fascinating article I thought about a nuclear Iran.

    When I wrote the post I must admit that I hadn't really been aware of the mismatch between number of emails received and the number of replies sent.

    It's a real problem not knowing if the police have released all the emails that came into Dr Kelly's computer while he was away. I suspect that we might never know the answer to that one!

  5. In November 2001, we find
    Lt Col Debra Krikorian,Ph.D., U.S. Army Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defence.
    She is quoted, via interlocutor Tom Mangold in the Independent of 14 July 2004 where she, plus Roger Avery and Terence Taylor all apparently reach the exact same conclusion that there was some unknown dramatic last minute phone call [which] changed everything. Allegedly. And conveniently.

    Judith Miller had also been busy over the period of 18-20 July 2003,and one of the character witnesses for Dr Kelly whom she rounded up for a quote for the New York Times article of 21 July 2003 was Debra Krikorian. Miller continued...
    in e-mails sent hours before his death, he gave no hint of that, telling an associate, for instance, that he looked forward to returning to Iraq.

    but did not mention that both she and Krikorian were recipients of emails from Dr Kelly. Did Miller know of Krikorian's email? Highly likely.

  6. Brian, re my first comment, I now notice that the last email (which I think is from the USA) is timed in the evening of 16th July, so this is the last one.

  7. Brian -
    Philippe Michel wrote this piece on 9 February 2010 on David Kelly in the French publication Sentinel. Michel describes himself as an ex-UNMOVIC Biological Weapons Inspector. Otherwise he doesn't seem to leave enough of an internet presence for a supposed French specialist in biological weapons. Curious. No conferences, meetings etc. Very mysterious.

  8. Andrew,that very pro-war article by Julie Flint seems rather different in tone from the one which appears on Dr Kelly's computer (COM/4 section, early March 2003)

  9. coincidentally,Ron Manley was quoted in the Independent on Sunday, the same day he wrote his email, on 13 July 2003 by Mark Iring and Raymond Whitaker,Hans Blix: Blair made a fundamental mistake over '45 minutes to deploy' claim
    (i.e. it was nonsense)
    "Ron Manley, a former UN weapons inspector, said this week that there remains one grey area, which could have justified the claim. He says it is possible Iraq stored the binary materials that can produce sarin and cyclosarin when mixed. "The precursor chemicals for these agents could be mixed together to produce the toxic chemical agent." Iraq would still, though, have required a means of delivering the chemicals."