Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sir Peter Tapsell asks about Dr Kelly's "suicide or murder" at PMQs

Something unexpected was asked at today's Prime Minister's Questions.  Tory MP Sir Peter Tapsell raised a question about the death of Dr Kelly.  This is the link 

You need to scroll to 22.25 for the start of Sir Peter's question.

He commences by referring to the fact that there is to be a full investigation into the abduction of Madeleine McCann and then wonders if there is a much stronger case for a full investigation into the "suicide or murder" of Dr Kelly.  The response from Cameron seems to be clumsy and inept - you get the sense that Cameron is caught off balance.  Talking of the inquest and report is incorrect, what he surely meant was the inquiry and report. As to being clear, well!

It is nice to think that maybe Sir Peter is old fashioned enough to ask a question that isn't the normal plant from the home side.


  1. Thanks for spotting this Brian.
    David Cameron said he thought the "Results of the Inquest that were (sic) carried out and the report into it were fairly clear".

    I am somewhat mystified by the reference to an Inquest which,according to Cameron, has already occurred. Perhaps someone can assist me?

  2. Felix,

    Rumour has it that David Cameron had no advance notice of Sir Peter Tapsell's question.

    Hence the total pig's breakfast Cameron made of his answer.

  3. Andrew now has the exact text of the question and answer on his blog

  4. Also

    "I do not think it is necessary to take that case forward."

    This implies the case can be taken forward ie it has not reached its conclusion.

    Why would Cameron or anyone, for that matter, not want closure on this matter?

  5. LL,

    David Cameron was entrusted by Michael Howard with the task of being up to speed on the Hutton Inquiry and Report.

    It would be particularly embarrassing for David Cameron if he were demonstrated to be incompetent at spotting the judicial cover-up of a murder, wouldn't it? (If such took place at the Hutton Inquiry.)

  6. Mr Cameron's Guardian pieces "Hutton’s Take Away" and "Hutton in five easy steps" is clinical if not cynical in not challenging any of the conflicts of evidence but focuses, instead, on scoring political points. Cameron was an expert on the Hutton Report why did he not raise the moving of the body?

    In a teasing comment he invites the reader to read the evidence

    "Parts of the evidence are as indigestible as mince pies and turkey, but the web site is one of the most easily accessible I have come across. Go on, have a go. Look at and you'll find out more about how we are governed than any text book or professor will ever tell you."

    That statement is as true today as it was then; we are governed by corrupt politicians having their strings pulled by corrupt backers, we know it, they know we know it but the assumption is we will do nothing about it so they carry on getting away with it.

    And that's why I truly hope a legal challenge goes ahead, it may be the last chance for Britain to regain Justice.