Saturday, 14 May 2011

Full page article in the "Daily Mail"

I'm sure that some readers of this blog will be aware by now that there is a big splash in today's "Daily Mail" about the death of Dr David Kelly.  Thanks to the enterprise of journalist Miles Goslett this is a meaty article and is headed by a new to the general public piece of information about a helicopter flight in the mid morning of 18th July including a five minute duration landing at Harrowdown Hill.  More  thoughts on this in another post perhaps.

Here is the link to the article  There's also an editorial resulting from the story:

Unusually for me I bought the paper itself today and was very pleased to see that Page 5 was devoted to the Kelly story.  I believe that pages 3 and 5 in a newspaper are highly prized by journalists: as you flick through the paper these are the two pages that your eye tends to alight on first.  It demonstrates I think the degree of importance attached to the article by the "Daily Mail" to have used page 5 in this instance.

The "Ten Unanswered Questions" were very diverse and sufficiently compact to attract the reader.  All in all a very good presentation.


  1. Andrew's digging ref the Helicopter landing was a bit of a coup but the thing that I find odd and assume is related is DCI Young's lack of attendance at the scene until 12.06pm.

    Mr Page says the first thing he did when he was informed that a body had been found (9.20am) was to appoint a senior investigating officer (nothing wrong with that) but you would have hoped that he would have chose someone that wasn't 1 and 3 quarter of an hours away from the scene.

    Sawyer, Franklin and Dadd with their 3 trusty cordons managed to make it to the scene after the alarm was raised in 8 minutes. Bless!

    Young's leisurely deployment earned him a significant promotion and enhanced pension (take note aspiring DCI's; a rapid response is not always the best response)

    But I may be being unkind to Mr Young he had to finish his Operation Mason before becoming involved with the scene unravelling at Harrowdown Hill. Or did he.

    Was Mr Young the third man with Mr Coe mopping up Operation Mason? Was Mr Young already at Harrowdown Hill at 9.23am?

    Is it possible that Messrs Franklin and Sawyer didn't have to wait around for over an hour and a half for their Bronze Commander to put in an appearance before they could take their thumbs out of their orifices and get on with their jobs?

    And was the 11.00am take off from Harrowdown Hill taking Mr Young to explain the mornings cock ups to his bosses thereby sealing his promotional prospects? (the aircraft took off and flew not south back to Benson but north to TVP HQ or HQ north as it is sometimes called. His arrival at 12.02pm may not have been his first appearance.

  2. LL, that's a very interesting possible scenario you have painted!

    The apparent delay on the part of DCI Young in getting to Harrowdown Hill has always bothered me. It is absolutely ridiculous that not only did Mr Young not appear at the Inquiry but there is no statement from him on the Hutton website.

    In coming to his deliberations Lord Hutton has effectively said that DCI Young didn't play any significant part in the proceedings at HH!

  3. Mr Young’s lack of appearance at the Hutton inquiry is either evidence of; rejection of evidence, irregularity of proceedings, insufficiency of inquiry or cover up.

    My mistake in previous comment, Mr Young did not take charge of the suspicious death scene for over 2 and 3 quarter hours after the body had been reported found.

    Other police officers arrived in 8 minutes but the investigation of an unnatural and violent death was put on hold because a senior investigating officer was not available.

    There’s something not right here, when the Kelly family report Dr Kelly missing a police car turns up within 15 minutes with 3 police officers, the matter seems immediately to go up to Chief Constable level and a helicopter is above the Kelly home 1 hour later.

    When the body is found it takes 2 and 3 quarter hours for an investigating officer to get to the scene. Where did he come from? Manchester?

    My mind is starting to wander now as I begin to imagine a stage play recounting the scene at Harrowdown Hill soon after the body is found. Stage right - a huddle of police officers are gathered -they are discussing where the senior investigating officer has got to – the audience at this point are shouting HE’S BEHIND YOU!

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