Monday, 30 May 2011

Dr Kelly article in the "Oxford Mail"

There is a new article about the death of Dr David Kelly in the "Oxford Mail".  I am pleased to see that the writer, Liam Sloan, has flagged up a number of different aspects relating to Dr Kelly's mysterious death.  It is quite meaty and with additional sub headings relating to:
  • The blood
  • Fingerprints
  • The police helicopter
  • Communications Mast
  • "Third Man"
One minor criticism is that Mr Sloan mistakenly states that the pathologist's report only came into the public domain last December whereas of course it was on 22nd October.  It's possible he got confused with the legal document, "The Memorial", that the Doctors wrote to the Attorney General.  This was initially published in the Daily Mail in December and is now on the BBC website.

This is the link to the "Oxford Mail" piece

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  1. "Oxford University conspiracy theory expert Dr Stephen Clarke said people could have “unrealistic expectations” that all available evidence should line up neatly in order to provide a clear version of events. He said the internet had put more conspiracy theorists in touch with each other"

    Its easy to get paranoid regarding this topic but Mr Sloan's piece mentions Conspiracy theory/theories/theorist 8 times and then introduces Oxford's own resident Conspiracy Theory Expert to belittle this strange cult.

    As a subtle destabilising effect I think it went down as well as Alatair Campbell's victory tour of the TV studio's after Hutton found the BBC guilty.

    As a serious piece of journalism it fails to identify accountability and leaves the topic where he found it...... up in the air with cranks still moaning about it.