Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Is this now the proof to show it was murder?

When I started this blog I came from I hope a position of neutrality as to the manner of Dr Kelly's death.  True I had read Norman Baker's book and also much of Rowena Thursby's blogs but still tried to approach the subject in a totally objective way.

All my investigations were pushing me in the direction of David Kelly having been murdered but what was really needed was something forensically sound to show that he couldn't have killed himself at Harrowdown Hill as the official narrative would have us believe.

Hopefully, thanks to Dr Andrew Watt and his blog "Chilcot's Cheating Us", the wait may be over.  I would recommend readers to go and read these links: and   They may take a little time to absorb but the read is worth it.  If the forensic community are unable to negate Andrew's assertions then I believe it will not be credible for the Attorney General to not go to to the High Court to try and get an inquest.

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