Thursday, 9 June 2011

+ + Grieve turns down inquest for Dr Kelly + +

Well there we have it - the Attorney General has decided not to make application to the High Court for an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Mr Grieve gave a totally unconvincing performance in his statement to the House of Commons and in response to the very benign questions that followed it.  His body language convinced me that here was a man pursuing a purely political agenda.  The slight break in his voice, the constant looking down while making his statement, the hunched shoulders, all very indicative of a man having to lie in my opinion.

His apparent suggestion that the Hutton Inquiry was as good as an inquest in determining the truth was plainly ridiculous.  We need to go and look at his statement in detail of course and it's vital that the "Doctors" in particular have sight of the conclusions that the two experts called in by Mr Grieve made on the lodged evidence.

This is a grim day.  Let us hope it is darkest just before the dawn.


  1. The inescapable conclusion is that there CANNOT and MUST NOT be an inquest into this death. That puts it into a category of death which is quite unique. An that there MUST NOT be an inquest into it indicates it is a VERY VERY strange death.
    My own conclusion is that if there had been an inquest in 2003 it would have brought the government down and brought the Conservatives into power. And nearly eight years later it has the same power to bring down the coalition government. Hence Mr Grieve's pethetic, shifty and weak response which was leaked to the media late last evening.

  2. Felix,
    I came to the conclusion several years ago that this thing was a lot bigger tham many people realised. It's not just the conservative/lib-dem coalition that is threatened by an inquiry into Dr Kelly's death, it is the whole UK/USA relationship that would be threatened and that is something no government will dare to put at risk.

  3. What complete total rubbish. Like every conspiracy muppet around, you choose to ignore the obvious and replace with your bizarre version of events, And of course, in your little world, you are more intelligent than the rest of us who are too naive to grasp the hidden forces at work.

    Same pattern: Kennedy, 9/11, Princess Diana, Arsene Wenger- oh, you didn't know about him?

  4. Herlihy,
    So could you please tell me what obvious facts I choose to ignore? And will you please explain at what point in anything I have written I have ever referred to Kennedy or Princess Di.....let alone claimed there to be a pattern in these totally unconnected deaths?
    I am on this blog and Andrew Watts blog, either as Frank or Farmouse, if that assists you.