Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Putting faces to some of the names at the Hutton Inquiry

I've found this link to The Guardian really useful http://www.guardian.co.uk/hutton/keyplayers/  As well as summarising some of the evidence these key players gave at the Hutton Inquiry there are "mug shots" accompanying some of them - I wonder if anyone has had preconceptions of what those they haven't seen before look like.

Personally I've never imagined anything about the appearance of Hutton witnesses.

For anyone wondering about the sort of person Dr Shepherd is I'm glad to say that Felix has been busy!  My last post was titled "Dr Kelly's injury to his right elbow".  The comment from Felix timed at 19.06 has a link to a short video featuring Dr Shepherd.


  1. Yes, that's Kate Wilson the MoD press officer who is shown in video clips leading Dr Kelly to his show trial at the FAC through the traffic and before the news cameras on 15 July, guarded by Clark & Wells.
    Re the few missing pictures,I can't find a photo of Sarah Pape but you can listen to her here on a podcast.
    A portait of the avuncular Roger Avery,seen on video clips at the funeral, is here

  2. Prof Hawton is a bit video camera shy, but he can be heard on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour here after about 6.06.