Friday, 10 June 2011

A link to the Attorney General's website

In making his statement yesterday the Attorney General Dominic Grieve stated that the supporting evidence for his decision not to apply to the High Court would be placed in the libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords.  It is also on the website of the Attorney General's Office and can be read here

There is an incredible amount to read and digest and I intend to read and digest it and discuss the various elements on this blog.  What I've seen so far from a rapid skim through merely confirms my judgement that Grieve was lying yesterday.  There will I believe be evidence of "cock up" rather than "conspiracy" in some elements but only some.

Excuse me now while I get down to a little reading .....  

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  1. Popped in at no. 106 in the chart of awkward facts

    The evidence from the ambulance crew – wrist
    up, wound covered in blood – differs from that
    of PC Sawyer – wrist down wound not visible.
    This suggests the body and/or wound was
    interfered with.

    Grieves Response

    If it is suggestive of anything it is that the recall of honest witnesses of
    the same scene is not always identical. The photographic evidence is
    quite clear as to the position of the body when first seen.

    There is no photographic evidence, as far as I know, of the position of the body when it was first seen.

    This is further evidence of Grieve attempting to mislead Parliament.